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Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Betting sites in Atlanta

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: June 30, 2019

Georgia is very much a “grey state” for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games. It has restrictive laws on sports betting, and its AG office has an unfavorable opinion of fantasy sports – though has done nothing to stop DFS operators accepting entries from residents of the State. Despite legal question marks, fantasy sports websites accept players from Georgia – and lawmakers have tried to legalize and regulate fantasy sports twice in the past three years

It is possible to play Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Atlanta – as it is across Georgia as a whole – through the legal status of DFS in the State falls into that grey “it's complicated' legal zone.

Sports betting is illegal in Georgia, but lawmakers have tried to introduce legislation to regulate DFS at least twice in the past three years – through an unfavorable informal opinion from Georgia's Attorney General in 2016 scuppered one of those bills.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a letter to the Georgia Lottery from deputy AG Wright Banks Jr that year dismissed the ‘skill-based game' arguments put forward by DFS operators – but that letter specifically said its contents constituted ‘informal advice'.

It may have been ‘informal', but that letter was enough to effectively hole draft legislation that had already passed the Senate Committee stage and would have regulated DFS games below the water line. Georgia's lawmakers tried again in 2018, but the bill again stalled.

Despite that unfavorable ‘informal' 2016 opinion, however, and the ban on sports betting as a whole, officials have not moved to shut down fantasy sports games operating in the State. As a result, fantasy sports betting is possible in Georgia, if not explicitly legal.

Most operators – including DFS bellwether sites FanDuel and Draftkings, as well as Fantasy Draft accept players from Georgia.

So, what DFS betting sites are available in Atlanta?

  • DraftKings 
  • FanDuel
  • Fantasy Draft 

All DFS betting sites offer expert advice from their pundits on players to pick and avoid – and have a strong social media presence.