Bloomberg US Election Betting Odds: Trump is still Leading

Mike Bloomberg US Election Betting 2020

Michael Bloomberg, 77-year-old-billionaire, is officially running for president of the United States of America in 2020. “To rebuild America and beat Trump”, as he puts it. Betting odds are already set and not in favor of ex-New York mayor. Bloomberg's chances are worse than Warren's and Beiden's. Trump is still leading – Betting Odds: Trump will avoid impeachment & win re-election

US Presidential Election 2020 – Winner Betting Odds & Chances

  • Donald Trump 2.20
  • Bloomberg 13.00
  • Elizabeth Warren 7.50
  • Joe Beiden 6.50 
  • Donald Trump 45.5%
  • Bloomberg 7.7%
  • Elizabeth Warren 13.3%
  • Joe Beiden 15.4%

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