Winning Margin - What is it in NHL betting?
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Winning Margin – What is it in NHL betting?

The sportsbook at BetMGM offers a winning margin wager on all NHL games, and just like it sounds, you are wagering not just on which team will win the game but also on the exact margin of that team’s victory.

In a game between the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, you would find the following lines available for wagering on the game under the winning margin wager.

Winning Margin - What is it in NHL betting?

As you can see, The Kings’ offerings include wagers on victories by one, two, three, four, and five goals. Opposite them includes the same offering for the Blackhawks' goal-winning and the corresponding odds.

You can wager on winning margin outcomes prior to the game, or you can also wait and play them at some point during the game as a live betting option. Naturally, these odds will fluctuate during the course of the game, so some outcomes will become more lucrative, and others will see their odds decrease as they become a more likely final result.

Say it’s midway through the third period, and the Kings are maintaining a 3-1 lead. A two or three-goal winning margin for the Kings might drop to odds in the range of +130 since an empty-net goal would be a real possibility.

Meanwhile, a five or six-goal winning margin for L.A., or a Chicago victory would still be a longshot, and the odds would react accordingly (somewhere in the range of +2400 for a five-goal win).

With live betting, winning margin odds continue to fluctuate as the game draws closer to a finish.

Winning Margin - What is it in NHL betting?
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