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Why is it so hard to profit on NHL betting?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

Sports betting is no picnic. Betting on sports is easy. Winning on sports betting is not.
You need thick skin and dogged determination to be a success when betting on games. If you take a devil-may-care approach to your NHL betting, you’ll find that sage wisdom about a fool and his money soon being parted to be quite factual.
Picking winners is hard. And it’s even harder in hockey, where random events tend to happen with more frequency than in other sports. The puck banks off a leg, or a defenseman loses an edge and falls when he’s the last man back on a two-on-one break. The next thing you know, it’s in the net and your wager has gone down the drain.

Playing an NHL video game is a hobby. Playing wagers on NHL games should be a full-time occupation. It involves studying, following trends, learning tendencies. Hours of research should go into every wagering decision. There will always be an element of luck involved in gambling, but the more work you’re willing to put in before laying down a bet, the less that luck will be involved in the outcome.
When you flip a coin, there’s a 50-50 chance. It will either come up heads or tails. If you take that approach to betting on the NHL you will lose, because going 50-50 won’t cut. At best, you’ll be breaking even. Those who bet on the NHL for a living win 53 percent of the time, but as you get into wagering on games, you will soon discover how difficult it is to consistently locate that additional three percent.

Amateurs bet games, but pros handicap games. Don’t go wagering on a game because your favorite team is involved. In fact, never wager on your favorite team, because you must remove all emotion from your betting choices. Lead with your heart and you will lose.

The top NHL bettors are no different than the top NHL stars such as Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. They are a rare breed, few and far between. There’s an old saying in sports wagering – anyone can bet, but only a few can win.

A little knowledge goes a long way, and a quality sportsbook goes a long way in making it easy and painless to lay your bets. You’ll find that kind of customer service at BetFair, where they will start you out with over $100 in free wagers.