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Which Slot Machines Have The Highest Payouts?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: January 26, 2020

Slot machines are popular in the world of gambling and especially in New Jersey where playing online slots and games has been legalized since 2019. In August Golden Nugget Online Casino, which continues to dominate the NJ market, showed almost $14.98 million in online casino revenue for August. 

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American online casino gamblers like them because you can win a lot of money with a small bet and they’re also easy to play. However, the major problem is to know which slot machines pay the highest. In 2017, the Nevada Gaming Control Board found out that more than 38,000 slots were operating in Las Vegas strip across 40 locations.


Machines that have the highest percentage of RTP are the ones that are most likely to hit. Therefore, the slot machine payout depends on its RTP. The slot machines manufacturers are the one who set the RTP, not the casino. To roughly understand how RTP works, a slot machine has RTP of 94%. In theory, when you put $100, your returns should be $94 over a period. However, it does not apply to every player. Here is how to pick a high paying slot machine.

Go for Slots with Highest Payouts

It might seem like an obvious point to many, but it is also a common mistake a novice makes when playing slots online. It is here that Return to Player (RTP) comes into the picture. You can find the RTP through a simple Google search. RTP varies typically between 92-97 percent. Devil’s Delight is one slot with high RTP

Slots Volatility

Volatility is an important aspect when choosing slots. It refers to the risk level of a slot. Volatility measures the risk involved and also determines how you will win the slots. Slots with high volatility have lesser chances of winning, but wins are big. To know the volatility of a slot, you can play the slot long enough to figure it out because providers do generally not publish this information online. Low volatility slots have frequent wins, but the gains are smaller. King of Atlantis slot has high volatility.

Trust Other Players

It’s not wise to trust other players in poker, but it is worth when playing slots. If a slot pays a lot, the players will announce the news fast. You can get the information by checking ratings, comments, and reviews by writers. Gonzo’s Quest is one slot loved by players.

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