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Where can I find free rugby picks and predictions?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Rugby is such a fast-moving, technical game, with so many variables – not least the fact that there are 15 players from each side on the pitch at any given time – that, for a newcomer to rugby betting, it can appear to be overwhelming.

Betting sites recommend that anyone who bets on rugby should study recent form – which is sensible: understanding the sport is important – but there are so many variable factors, from home stadium advantage to the weather, whether some players are away on international duty, even the referee – that recent form, even long-running historical performances against the same team, often only gives only part of the story.

Understanding how a team tends to play can give bettors an advantage. If a team is known for their defensive kicking or their forward game, that may affect the type of market that punters may find attractive.

It may seem a bit simple but the weather conditions play a huge role. Dry conditions tend to lead to fast-paced, high-scoring matches. Conversely, wet and muddy conditions are more likely to be lower-scoring, but no less fascinating forward-dominated encounters.

This is why many people turn to experts for a short-cut to the form and a roadmap to all the variables. Most betting sites and many newspaper websites publish advice and guidance from tipsters. Many – for the sake of transparency – even reveal how recent bets based on their advice have fared. They’re worth taking the time to read, if only because they often explain the reason why the market line happens to be where it is.

The truth is rugby can be a tricky sport to bet on. But it’s also a game where there are plenty of opportunities to make a killing if you know where to look.