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Where and how can you bet on Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Player?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

You can bet on the Most Valuable Player, at any sportsbook. They will all have these odds listed. You can bet on the MVP in both the American and National leagues. There will be odds listed on multiple players.

For example, American League MVP:

Mike Trout +200
Mookie Betts +400
Aaron Judge + 800
National League:
Bryce Harper +400
Nolan Arenado +700
Manny Machado +1200

If you bet any of these players, you would get back the number listed next to their name, based on a $100 bet. For example, if you bet $100 on Mike Trout, you will win $200. Remember, when placing a bet like this, you are leaving your bet in the hands of voters. It’s not always the player with the best numbers that win. Sometimes, that player will be on a team, that has finished in the middle of the pack and doesn’t get some consideration as a player with lesser numbers, who helped his team win a pennant.