What to research when betting on Major League Baseball?

Pitching is the most important factor. It’s a bit different than several years ago, when the starting pitchers tried to go the distance. Fewer and fewer starting pitchers complete games, so you need to research the bullpens as well. Look to see how the pitchers have fared against the team.


Is one team more dominant against right handed or left handed pitchers? If a team has a primarily left-handed hitting lineup and is facing a lefty starter, with a club that has a few southpaw relievers, than you might want to shy away. Same from the right side, with a primarily right-handed pitching staff.

Home vs. away

Most teams have better home records than on the road. Does the team play well away from home? This is a big factor when choosing your team.
How well has the team been playing overall? Have they been on a winning or losing streak? You will lean toward the team playing better ball. Generally, you want to stay away from a team on a losing skid. Let them win a game, before putting money down on them. Thinking “they’re due,” can get you in trouble.


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