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What kind of parlays can you play when betting the NFL?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Parlays are a very common bet when wagering on the NFL and allows the bettor to make some more money if he or she is successful. Most sites and casinos allow you to parlay as many teams as you would like, with the more teams parlayed the larger the payout obviously. Bettors can parlay two, or more, teams, and depending on the odds on both teams can get good odds. A typical two-team parlay, assuming both teams are -110, would pay +260. So a $10 two-team parlay would pay $26. A two-team, $100 parlay would payout $260. A three-team parlay would pay 6-1, so a $10 bet would return $60 and a $100 would pay $600. And a four-team parlay pays 12-1, meaning $10 would result in a $120 win and a $100 bet would get you $1,200 return. Not bad right?

Keep in mind in parlaying betting all the teams you select must win. If you play a four-team parlay and three teams win, it’s not good enough, you lose your entire bet. Should one of your teams “push’’ then the parlay would revert back one team. For instance, if you play a three-team parlay and two teams win and one teams gets a push, you would be credited with a two-team parlay win. Bettors can also parlay a team with an over/under. That can be done in the same game, or with two different games. For instance, if the Philadelphia Eagles are a six-point favorite over the New York Giants and the over/under is 49. A classic parlay would be the Eagles and the over. That means the Eagles must win by more than six points and the total score must be more than 49 points for the bettor to win. You could also parlay the over 49 in the Eagles game with another game say the Green Bay Packers minus 3 over the Minnesota Vikings if you so choose.