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What is the maximum wager on a boxing match?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: November 1, 2022

The maximum amount that can be wagered on a single boxing match varies depending on the sportsbook.

Most legal online sportsbooks have general caps on how much you can wager, however, there are exceptions. A simple e-mail to the customer service department of these betting sites can be enough in some instances to increase the max bet.

Bets $100,000+ and up have been accepted by using this method to place a custom wager. Smaller fights that have boxing odds posted that are usually non-title bouts might have smaller wagering limits. 

Boxing fighters right punch

This is because smaller bouts with relatively unknown or unproven contestants are harder to predict than major fighters that are more proven. Requests can be made to place a larger bet on these fights, but they may be denied.

When it comes to big bets in boxing Las Vegas remains the king. Vegas has been known to take seven-figure bets on big fights with regularity.

However, the rise in online sports betting is changing the game and making wagering on these marquee events more accessible.

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