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What is the difference between betting on NASCAR and Formula One racing?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

I am normally not a handicapper or bettor of Formula One racing, and therefore there are likely much better sources to speak to Formula One wagering.

However, the manner in which the odds are posted it is the same format as NASCAR, at least in the United States. Additionally, both styles of racing offer wagering on head to head driver matchups and group matchup wagers.

There are probably several handicapping aspects that cross over between both NASCAR and Formula One which can help aid success, but I believe that wagering on either series probably deserves full-time attention.

Handicapping NASCAR with a mammoth thirty four race schedule takes more time than a full-time job. When I say full time, I mean upwards of fifty hours a week when considering some coverage, listening to selected sources, and crunching just a few that make up the vault of analytics. This is the type of commitment many are willing to adopt.

Consider this, If you are a football handicapper then NASCAR works perfectly to adopt during the NFL offseason. Like the NFL, NASCAR races are usually Sunday events as well. This helps develop good habits and furthers the ability to be a better handicapper.

I really encourage you to just jump in and listen or watch the coverage. NASCAR rewards handicappers with consistent practices who refine their tools to become sharp bettors. There are simply values and variances available for wagering on NASCAR that are generally not available to other sports. For the few who are committed and hardworking, there is an opportunity to be an early adopter in this wagering landscape that is quickly emerging.