What is the best betting app to bet on NFL games?

This is a tough question to answer, because everyone has his or her own taste. It’s like asking what’s the best flavor of ice cream? Some like Almond Mocha Chip and others were just prefer good old Vanilla. As stated in the question above there are are some good sites based out of New Jersey. Draft Kings Sportsbook is one of the top sites. Sugar House Online Sportsbook Casino, Fan Duel, 888 Sports and Bet Stars also come highly recommended. Bovada sports is also a good and honest site.

It is based offshore and provides several different prop bets to go along with the normal NFL bets. Once the Hard Rock Casino gets its online operation going, that would be that should be highly recommended as well. One thing to be cautious of when looking for on-line betting apps are “deals’’ that promise you a lot of “free’’ stuff. Nothing is free and it could end up costing you money over the long term.


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