What is safest winning College Football bet?

When it comes to college football no bet is safe. Scratch that, when it comes to sports there is no “safe” bet. Actually, scratch both of the comments because when it comes to life no bet is “safe.” The key is to look for a bet that is close to safe as possible. You want to mitigate as much loss as possible. When it comes to college football there are 3 “safe” bets. Here they are:

Future Bet: Clemson vs. Alabama National Championship

Out of the three options I’m discussing below, this is the biggest no-brainer bet of them all. Alabama and Clemson are destined to meet again in the national championship. I don’t think the odds would be overly impressive to be this matchup but even if it is around +150 that is still good value. I would future bet this matchup up to -125 probably.

Oklahoma Over

The past two years has been really good to anyone who has bet the over in an Oklahoma football game. Two years ago Oklahoma had a trash defense and Baker Mayfield. Last year Oklahoma had a trash defense and Kyler Murray. If you bet Oklahoma over you would have hit it 72.8% of the time last year. The combination of a defense that lets up a ton of points and a high powered offense will do that. By the way, this year Oklahoma has a trash defense and Jalen Hurts. Just food for thought though.

Betting The Over If The Line Was Outrageous

This bet might be a little confusing at first glance but trust me it’s not. There were a few times last season where you would see an over/under line that was outrageously high. For example, Oklahoma and West Virginia had a game where the over was 83.5 points. That over is so ridiculously high that it’s pretty much Vegas daring you to take the over. A lot of people would shy away from a line that high and that is what Vegas wants. When you see a line that high take the over and take on Vegas. You will hit it more than you don’t.


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