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What is safest winning College Football bet?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

When it comes to betting on College Football, no wager is 100% safe. Scratch that, when it comes to betting on ALL sports, no wager is 100%.

With that being said, the key is to mitigate risk by researching and analyzing trends so as to set yourself up for the highest likelihood of success.

Here are some NCAAF “safe” bets you might want to consider:

Future Bet: Clemson/Alabama for the National Championship

Again while there are no certainties, this bet has been money for bettors over the last decade. Dating all the way back to 2011, either Clemson or Alabama has reached the title game in 9 of 11 seasons. Getting plus money on either team before the season starts is almost always good value, as they are routinely in the mix.

Ohio State and Georgia are also quickly emerging as futures bets to keep on your radar as the NCAA Football power hierarchy has shifted slightly in recent years.

Big 12 Overs

The past few years have been really good to anyone who has bet the over in the Big 12, Oklahoma in particular during the Lincoln Riley era. football game. With big-name quarterbacks and a suspect defense, the Sooners routinely find themselves in shootouts.

Other high-profile programs such as Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma State are also no strangers to higher-scoring contests.

Staring Down Inflated Over/Unders

This bet might be a little confusing at first glance but is actually a simple concept..

There have been a few times in recent seasons where we have see an over/under line set outrageously high. For example, Oklahoma and West Virginia had a game where the over was 83.5 points. That over is so ridiculously high that it’s pretty much Vegas daring you to take the over. A lot of people would shy away from a line that high, and that is what Vegas wants. However, when you have two top offenses and inferior defensive units don't be afraid to take on a high number.