What is Highest Scoring Period in NHL wagering?

The advent of live betting on NHL games and the desire of punters to be offered more in play action on the games being played has led to the advent of a variety of in period betting markets.
You can wager on which team will win each period. Which team will score the first or the last goal of each frame, and will either of the teams, or even both teams, be held scoreless during any of the periods?

Another wagering option is the highest-scoring period of the game. NHL games are divided into three 20-minute periods covering regulation time. With this wager, you are betting on which of those three periods is going to be the stanza that produces the most goals during the game.
But you aren’t merely limited to first, second or third period as your choices. You can also play a draw option, where you are wagering that the period you selected will tie for another frame during the game as the one that provides the most goals to the final scoreline.

There is research available to you that can help you decipher which route to take with the highest scoring period play. Let’s suppose the Arizona Coyotes are playing the New York Islanders. By logging on to NHL.com and then going to the team stats page, you can grab a pull-down option that breaks down goal scoring by period.

Checking these numbers for the Coyotes and Islanders, we discover that they have combined to score 127 goals in each of the first and third periods through the course of the season, but have added up to net a whopping 133 goals during the second period of play. By doing the math, it would appear that you would be wise to play the second period as the highest-scoring period of this game.
This is a very popular wager at European-based sportsbooks and William Hill is a sportsbook that regularly has highest scoring period markets on offer. William Hill operates the book at Ocean Sports, so this would be a solid option to find the highest scoring period betting.


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