What is F5 in Baseball Betting?

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What is F5 in Baseball Betting?

F5 is a first five innings bet in baseball. Bettors back the team they think will be leading after the 5th inning and bet accordingly. It works the same as a standard moneyline bet as far as simply picking the winning team. If the game is tied at the conclusion of the 5th inning, the bet is graded as a push and voided.

Starting pitchers play a massive role in the outcome of a game. MLB betting lines are heavily influenced by the starting pitching. Even so, the modern game is also dramatically impacted by bullpens. Today's starters routinely exit games by the middle innings due to tight pitch counts and evolving strategies.

F5 betting allows you to really hone in on the starting pitchers and worry less about the role of bullpens.

MLB First Fiving Innings Betting Strategy

F5 baseball betting involves careful consideration of each team's starters, as they are likely to be pitching the bulk of the first five innings. Backing elite starting pitchers such as Corbin Burnes, Gerrit Cole, or Spencer Strider is a logical starting point; however, you will likely see less advantageous betting lines (i.e -200).

Other factors you can consider to get an edge include:

A starting pitcher's head-to-head numbers against a team (including individual matchups)
Home/away splits (does a pitcher perform better or worse in their home park)
Recent performance (i.e., ERA in last five starts)
Advanced metrics that might tell you if a pitcher has over/underperformed their numbers (BABIP, FIP, HR/FB rate, etc.)

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