What is Draw No Bet in hockey?

The draw no bet wager is like having a safety net, or a second chance to win your bet. Draw No Bet is a betting market that removes the possibility of a draw as an outcome on a three-way wager. It allows bettors to narrow their choices down to a wager on either a home or away win.
If you’re someone who lives with the paradox of enjoying sports betting but being put off by risk-taking, then the draw no bet is your ideal wager. In this instance, there are three potential outcomes and two of them work in your favor.

Let’s suppose that the Ottawa Senators are playing the Vancouver Canucks. You like the hometown Canucks in this one, so you put $20 on them to win via a 60-minute moneyline wager. But by going that extra step and locking in a draw no bet wager, you only lose if the Senators end up winning the game. Should the Canucks be victorious, then so are you. If the score is tied after 60 minutes of play, the conclusion of regulation time, then your stake is refunded under the draw no bet policy.

If you know a team in an NHL game displays a strong proclivity toward playing overtime games, then they are an ideal draw no bet option. Play them to win on a draw no bet 60-minute moneyline wager and you’ve equipped your wager with a security blanket of a refund should the game go to the extra session.

It’s also a bit of a safer way to bet longshot underdogs, because you are adding the potential to your bet that your money could be refunded. On the one hand, you’re playing a longshot with the chance of a significant return on your wager for a win, with the additional security of knowing that two of the three possible outcomes in the game work to your favor.

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