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What is an online casino black list?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Most online casino players adhere to the rules of each site. They are of legal age to gamble there and haven’t previously been banned from gambling online.
If you are found breaking any online casino rules, you could find yourself on a blacklist.
A blacklist is a register of customers who have been prohibited from playing at a casino site. Reputable online casinos may have a legitimate excuse for banning players.

You will never be banned for being a consistent winner, but most casinos reserve the right to terminate accounts at their sole discretion. Sometimes, a reason may not be given.

There are several ways you can find yourself banned. At newly regulated casinos in New Jersey, you will be banned if you are found to have signed up under the legal age of 21. In Delaware, players under 18 who have opened fraudulent accounts will also be barred from playing.
In regulated states, you can also be banned if you are found to be playing games online outside state borders. Under strict gaming laws in Delaware and New Jersey, you must physically be located within state limits to log on and play.

By signing up to a casino, you will consent to the company performing any necessary background checks. This may include credit checks and a check on your financial background. Anyone convicted of fraud or similar crimes in the past may find themselves having their accounts closed.

Finally, bonus abuse is a treated seriously at online casinos. You can find yourself banned if you are caught breaching the terms.
Bonus abuse can take several forms. You may play through the bonus with larger bets than are permitted. You might also make a deposit, claim a free spins bonus, and play the bonus before withdrawing your winnings and never coming back.

If you are concerned about sticking to a casino’s rules, it’s important to check the terms and conditions before you start playing. Remember that casinos don’t have to give reasons why they are terminating accounts. Keep to the rules and make an official complaint if you feel you are in the right.