What is an Octopus in Betting?

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What is an Octopus in Betting?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: September 6, 2023

An octopus bet is a term used in football betting to describe a specific combination of events. It occurs when the same player scores a touchdown and then immediately scores a two-point conversion on the next play.  

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The name “octopus” comes from the number of points an individual player has contributed during the drive, which is 8 (six for a touchdown and two for the 2-pt conversion).

While it is unusual to find octopus odds offered at betting sites during the NFL regular season, it is a popular prop bet for Super Bowl betting.

How Does an Octopus Bet Work in Football Betting

When you do see octopus odds, the way to bet on them is relatively straightforward. Betting apps will generally offer you a simple Yes/No option with the odds heavily slanted toward “no,” given the rarity of achieving this feat.

If you select “yes” and the player does pull off an octopus, you stand to win a significant payout.

If you want to take a flier on an octopus bet, you should consider the following strategy:

  • Select a player that is more likely to score a touchdown
  • Consider players that are heavily involved in their team's offensive schemes (i.e a running back or lead wide receiver)
  • Consider the red zone efficiency of each team

Octopus Bet Example

Suppose the Kansas City Chiefs met the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. You go to DraftKings Sportsbook and see octopus betting odds for the game.

You see the following odds on Travis Kelce to complete an octopus

  • Yes +1500
  • No -2500

Because Kelce is such a significant part of the Kansas City attack, you take a crack at these odds and place a $10 bet. If Kelce were to achieve the octopus by scoring a touchdown and then immediately follow it up by catching the two-point conversion, you would cash $140 in profits.

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