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What is 3-Way total goals O/U in hockey and NHL?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 20, 2022

Generally, when you play a hockey bet on the total, you are wagering on the over or under.

If you are using the BetMGM sportsbook app and you are betting the total on a New Jersey Devils vs. Colorado Avalanche game, there are going to be two options at your disposal.

Say the total on the game is 6.5. You either bet the under, believing that the Devils and Avalanche will combine for six goals or less, or you play the over, confident that New Jersey and Colorado are going to team up to net at least seven goals.

What is 3-way total goals o/u in hockey and nhl?

With a three-way total goals wager, the over/under adds a third variable to the equation – an exact bet option. In the case of this wager, the total must be a whole number. Let’s take that Devils-Avalanche game again, only this time, the oddsmaker at BetGMG have set the bar on the total goals for the contest at six.

You can still opt to play the over, believing there will be more than six goals in the game, or the under, certain that there will be five goals or fewer scored on the night. But with three-way total goals betting, you can also place on wager on there being exactly five goals scored in the game. That means you're a winner if the Devils win 4-2 or the Avalanche take it 5-1.

For certain, wagering on the exact number of goals to be scored in a game is a much tougher play than an over or under bet. But the bonus is because the odds are so much longer, the return will be that much more lucrative.