What is 1×2 soccer betting?

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What is 1×2 soccer betting?

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: August 28, 2023

When using betting apps to wager on soccer, 1 is the home team; 2 is the visiting team. Soccer also has a three-way betting system. You can bet 1 (the home team) to win, lose, or draw. Or you could bet 2 (the visitor) to win, lose, or draw.

In the example below, imagine Juventus is the home team (1), and Inter Milan is the visitor (2). When you log into sportsbooks, you might see the odds represented as follow:

  • Juventus -120
  • Draw +240
  • Inter Milan +180

In 1×2 betting, the three options here are Juventus moneyline (1), a draw (x), or Inter Milan moneyline (2). 

You can utilize sportsbook promos to mitigate your risk on 1×2 soccer lines, utilizing bonus bets.