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What does Win from Behind mean in football betting?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: August 11, 2023

This is a bet a true soccer fan loves, because who doesn’t love to see their team come from behind to win a big match? It’s also a very risky bet. because as you know it difficult to come from behind to win.

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To win from behind means that in this type of bet, your team could be losing by a particular margin at some point in the game and must come back to win the game. It also does not matter when the goal is scored – either the first or second half. What’s more important is whether your team can do the unthinkable and come from behind to win the game.

The beautiful thing about coming from behind and winning is that betting sites have all sorts of odds for bettors who might be willing to take the chance on such a bet just to make a lot of profit.

This is usually done when a small team is playing a big team; especially where it is unthinkable for a small team to come from behind and win against a big team. For example, a game between Colchester FC v Real Madrid where Colchester is losing by 3 goals to nil, the bookmaker can have odds such as 1000/1 for Colchester to come from behind and win.

All the best betting apps feature live betting for every major sport, so win from behind betting has grown in popularity.