What does ‘”total” mean in NBA betting?

The “total” is a number of points set by the oddsmaker on a particular proposition involving the number of points scored in a game or other segment of a game.

Most frequently, the game total is the projected number of points to be scored by both teams combined in a given game. Sports bettors are offered to take either the OVER or the UNDER on the wager.

Totals can be broken up into first- and second-half wagers, as well as, individual quarters.

Totals can also be offered on a particular team’s projected number of points to be scored in a game, half, or in some instances, quarter.

A total can also be offered on a particular player’s projection for points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, or a combination of statistics.

In addition, a total can be a projection of the total number of games to be won in a season by a particular NBA team.

Bettors are offered to wager on whether the team will finish with greater or fewer wins than the oddsmakers’ projected win total.


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