What Does Total Bases Mean in Baseball Betting?

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What Does Total Bases Mean in Baseball Betting?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: September 18, 2023

Total bases are a popular prop bet you can make when wagering on Major League Baseball. Almost all the best sports betting apps offer these odds as standalone bets or part of a same-game parlay.

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Total base betting involves selecting an individual player and betting on their performance in a given game. It is similar to hits props but varies slightly in that it accounts for how many bases a player earns with each hit.

Total bases are a common counting stat used to add up a player's production. A total base is gained by getting a hit and is calculated as follows:

  • Single – one total base
  • Double – two total bases
  • Triple – three total bases
  • Home run – four total bases

It's important to note that betting sites only include hits for a batter's total base count; walks and hit-by-pitches do not count.

A common betting line for total bases is over 1.5. When you see this, it means a player must record either two singles or one extra-base hit to cash the bet.

You generally want to find a hitter with a reliable batting average that you trust will get hits, but also one with a bit of power as an extra-base hit or home run can win you your bet on a single swing.

It's also possible to add additional total bases to a betting line for longer odds and better payouts. For instance, you could bet on Aaron Judge over 2.5 total bases (instead of 1.5).

Total Bases Betting

Total base betting is commonly featured in sportsbook promos and is one of the most popular prop markets in sports.

A total base bet requires a well-thought-out strategy. Unlike “to get a hit” odds, which are more simplistic and not very advantageous when it comes to odds, there are more factors to consider with total bases.

Bettors should take into account

  • A batter's recent performance at the plate
  • Who the opposing pitcher is
  • Head-to-head records
  • Where the game is being played (i.e, is it a hitter-friendly park)
  • Batting vs slugging averages (to see how likely a player is to get a hit or extra-base hit)

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