What does “outright win” mean in NBA betting?

The term outright win refers to a team winning the game regardless of the point spread.

A team winning a game outright will return a win for NBA bettors who wager on the winning team’s money line.

Bettors who wish to not use the point spread handicap can wager on the money line.

This removes the handicap from the equation, allowing a bettor to just pick the winning team.

The more likely a team’s chances to win, the less money a wager will return on a straight-up bet.

A money line bettor might say, “I didn’t lay the spread, but I did take the team to win outright.”

The jargon is also frequently used when referring to a winning underdog team. An underdog is the team that is not expected to win the game.

Often an underdog bettor might say, “Not only did the team I bet on cover the spread, it won outright!”

Occasionally, a favorite bettor might say, “Well, the team I bet on didn’t cover, but it did win outright.”

The ‘dog will return more than 100 percent on a placed stake.

For example, a team that has listed odds of +150 would return $250 to the bettor for every $100 wagered, or a fraction thereof. ($150 win plus the return of the $100 stake for $250 total).


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