What does 3 Way mean in NHL betting?

Prior to the introduction of the game-deciding shootout in 2005, the NHL featured games that ended in draws, also known as ties. Although that was no longer the case on the ice, thanks to 3 way betting, you are still able to wager on a draw as the outcome of an NHL game.
In NHL wagering, a 3 way bet is offered based on the score of the game after 60 minutes of regulation time are completed. An overtime period or a shootout would not come into play in this type of wager.

With a 3 way wager, you would see a betting line that looked like this:

Anaheim Ducks -180
Draw +240
Los Angeles Kings +210

In this case, you could play any one of these three options. If you think the Ducks will win, you wager on them at -180, meaning you’d be required to bet $180 in order to gain a $100 return. If you think the Kings are going to win, play them at +210, so if you wagered $100 on Los Angeles and the Kings were victorious, your profit would be $210.

Should you think these teams will require extra time to determine the outcome, that’s when you bet on the tie option. The +240 play would gain you a $240 winfall on a $100 wager.

Here’s where doing your homework can lead to a significant payday. If you get a game with two teams that have shown a tendency to require overtime or shootouts to decide the outcomes of their games, then the draw is not only a wise play, it can be a lucrative play, because the house will almost always give you odds when you bet on the draw.

Of course, you can always choose to hedge your bets by playing both a win wager and a draw wager in a 3 way bet. That means if the team you bet wins in overtime or a shootout, you will cash two winning tickets.

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