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What does -105 for the game mean in NBA betting?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: October 23, 2023

When online sportsbooks list the price for betting on a point spread or other full-game wager at -105, then the bettor will be asked to lay $105 to win $100 (a $205 return on a win) or a similar ratio on a given bet.

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This price offering is nearly as inexpensive as it gets in sports betting when it comes to traditional pre-game spreads and point totals.

Only a few select betting apps offer a lower price than this “discounted” margin often referred to as a “dime-line” due to the .10 cent margin between the two offerings.

What does -105 for the game mean in nba betting?

A sound-running, high-volume sportsbook can offer these player-friendly lines, particularly through online or app wagering, as a method to try and attract business, especially those from high-limit or high-volume.

Online sportsbooks like BetMGM may offer these lines on a range of NBA games to entice users to place a bet.

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