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What does +1 and (-115) mean in soccer betting? How to understand?

If you are not going to bet the money lines on any specific soccer match, there are alternate ways to bet the games that will allow you to win money. Sometimes, betting an underdog to win any match at +300 is not appealing.

But there is a way to bet the underdog that can win you bets, even if the team ends up losing, as expected.

There are two types of handicap betting in soccer:

  • the handicap match result
  • the Asian Handicap match result

+1 on a betting line basically means that the game is started with the team getting the goal +1 up by one, and the other team has to score more than that to win the bet.


For example, in a recent English Premier League match in March, Fulham hosted Manchester City, and the odds were very high that Manchester City would win the game. City came in at -650 on the money line, while Fulham was +1600 and the draw was +650.

But on the goal line, Fulham +1 came in at +450. If you thought that Fulham would draw the match or even win outright, you could bet them +1, and a $100 bet would return $550 if either of those results came out after 90 minutes.

The Asian Handicap for the match was +2, +2.5. That meant that if Fulham lost by more than three goals, you lost you bet. If Fulham lost by exactly two goal, half you stake was returned (+2) but you won the other half (+2.5). Any other result meant that you won the bet.

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