What are the rules for Exact Score (with Draw) in NHL betting?

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What are the rules for Exact Score (with Draw) in NHL betting?

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

Just as the name indicates, exact score betting on NHL games requires that you get the exact final score of an NHL game in order to successfully cash your wager. You can find these odds over at BetMGM sportsbook for every hockey game.

If you were to click on the betting markets for a Toronto Maple Leafs-New York Rangers game and scroll down through the options, you would eventually arrive at the exact or correct score-regular time wager.

What are the rules for exact score (with draw) in nhl betting?

At BetMGM, you will find that the options vary from 0-0 all the way up to a 6-5 result.

Now, it’s hard enough to pick a winner on a moneyline wager, so why you might ask, why would I consider wagering on the exact scoreline of game? Well, the reason is that the return on investment can be massive.

If you played a 2-1 scoreline on this particular Rangers-Leafs game at BetMGM, for instance, the odds would be +2500 for a Maple Leafs win, and +1750 for a Rangers win. That means either a $2500 or $1,750 profit on a $100 wager if you nail your bet.

Just look at some of the other payouts above. While the chances of hitting on these wagers are remote at best, the return on your bet is massive.

You can also do a little research that may help. Calculate the goals per game and goals against per game for both teams, find a mean average between the two sides and play that score. Or, an even simpler approach is to just take a look at previous recent meetings between the two clubs and see how those final scores average out.

While we wouldn’t recommend basing your wagering strategy around playing exact final score wagers, taking a flier on them every so often can pay major dividends. . It can be a fun, exciting, and potentially profitable wager. And if you hit on it, you’ll be telling that story for years to come.

American Gambler Staff