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What are NASCAR proposition bets?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Proposition bets in NASCAR are similar to proposition bets in almost any other sport. A proposition bet typically allows the handicapper to make a wager that is independent of betting on a driver or potential race winner. As the wagering menu expands the ability to wager on many aspects of the race will continue to grow. Often proposition bets are based on an under/over the threshold or even a possible wager based on the winning car’s number. Proposition bets are quickly becoming more popular with the wagering public and can sometimes be a source of value.

Wagering on a proposition bet often forces the handicapper to play out the race in their heads or on paper. There are a variety of ways to bet that are not based on selecting the race winner. One such proposition wager could be to pick the winning car manufacture, or another could be to select an over/under on the number of different drivers that will lead a lap in the race?

When making a proposition wager it is often a good idea to have a firm grasp on how you think the race will work itself out, and who the strongest of the main contenders appear to be. Furthermore. it should go beyond just which drivers are true favorites, but how many drivers make up the group that has a legitimate shot to lead or win the race. From that point, you can reduce the race contenders, even more, to help examine the propositions that are offered.

In the case of serious handicappers, proposition wagers should probably only be considered once there is a strong feeling of how the race will develop and play out. WIthout having this backbone foundation it makes betting on propositions often more complex and sometimes even harder to win. While propositions can offer value, that value must be recognized, and often the best way to get that level of recognition is to break the race down into very small pieces.

One final thought on proposition wagers. They are very susceptible to price movement, and it makes a lot of sense to really shop these wagers hard to as many sportsbooks as possible. Many of the propositions offered are relatively close as far as the winning threshold is concerned, but the price may swing wildly.