Another week of the NFL is complete. My bets and fantasy teams are doing average, so I’m still here to discuss! Week 6 was the first week that several teams had a bye, which is something more to consider moving forward.

The week started with Tom Brady and the Bucs. Needed them to cover but didn’t happen. Monday night featured the Bills and Titans, and the offenses put on a show.

In our PickStar Challenge, we had multiple entries that only missed a single question. We will be back in Week 7 with another six questions and $1,000 on the line. The Chargers/Ravens over prediction seemed to be the dagger for many.

Power Rankings After Week 6

After Week 6, we have a better idea of the top teams in the league. Here are my power rankings through six games.

1.     Arizona Cardinals

The only undefeated team left. You have to put them at the top right now. It seemed that some people weren’t too sure if this team could live up to the expectations, but they have so far.

Kyler Murray is putting on a show. The 49ers game seemed to be the only matchup that they struggled to score, and the defense stepped up to win that one. The win against the Titans in Week 1 is only looking better, especially after Monday night.

They also beat the Rams, who are also going to be high on this list. And last week they throttled the Browns, with Murray throwing for 4 TDs.

2.     Los Angeles Rams

As soon as I learned that Sean McVay was getting Matthew Stafford, I knew they could easily be a contender. They have put on a great offensive performance in almost every game. The only team that has slowed them down is up there at No.1.

And the defense. Aaron Donald is debatably the best player in the game. He’s beating double teams regularly. First pick in PE class for sure.

If the offense is playing well, the defense only has to do so much. Darrell Henderson Jr. has also been a threat on the offensive side of the ball.

3.     Baltimore Ravens

They are still climbing and climbing in everyone’s power rankings. Lamar Jackson is simply awesome. As a University of Louisville alumni, I may be a tad bias.

But anyway, they can win in several ways. They just dominated the Chargers, and Jackson only had 167 yards passing. In the Colts game, he went to the air more, throwing for 442 yards.

The running back questions have been answered by multiple veterans. John Harbaugh is going to get another Super Bowl with this core group. When I say “core group” I mean Lamar Jackson, his socks, and gym bag.

PickStar Challenge
PickStar Challenge

4.     Buffalo Bills

The Bills are the only team on the list with two losses, and many other power rankings have them much higher than I do.

Nonetheless, they lost to the Steelers in Week 1 and to the Titans in Week 6. In between, the only notable team they have beaten is the Chiefs.

They remain this high because of just how good they can look. The Bills have a shot this year. I love betting their overs!

5.     Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We have gotten pretty much what we expect from Brady and the Buccaneers. They are going to skate to the playoffs, and that is when the GOAT does his thing.

They haven’t exactly looked great every week, but we know who is behind center. They squeaked one out against the Cowboys and Patriots, only losing to the Rams.

It’s one of those things. We know they are a threat because of one reason – Gisele Bündchen’s husband.

6.     Dallas Cowboys

I almost stopped this list after five teams, but I didn’t want to answer hate mail from Cowboys fans. The only loss thus far is against the Bucs, and that was only by two points.

They could easily be 6-0, but nothing impressive needs to be done in the NFC East to take the division. The Cowboys will be grabbing that very easily, so earning a bye is the only concern.

When looking at their upcoming schedule, they could end this season with a great record. It’s fun when they’re good. I do enjoy it. But I also enjoy the disappointment of Cowboys fans, which could even be in the Super Bowl this year.

Honorable Mentions

Week 1 for the Packers seems laughable at this point. Aaron Rodgers quickly returned to form, but I still don’t think they scratch into the list above just yet. Same goes for the Chargers. They can look great at times, but the Ravens embarrassed them.

And no, the Chiefs are even behind them. Sure, we know what Patrick Mahomes is capable of, but that hasn’t been displayed this season quite yet.

Looking Ahead to Week 7

The Bills, Cowboys, and Chargers will all get a bye in Week 7. Once the bye’s hit, I realize how spoiled we were with NFL matchups through the first five weeks.

One of the best games on the early slate is the Chiefs at Titans. If the Titans win this matchup, they need to be considered as a top team in the league.

And the Chiefs need to get back to their old game. Very important game to both.

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Football PickStar Challenge

The Colts can make some waves in the AFC South, especially if the Titans lose. They will have to go against the 49ers on Sunday night.

Monday night will be the Saints and Seahawks, who both seem average this season. Without Russel Wilson, Seattle is just trying to survive.

Signing Up for our PickStar Challenge

If you haven’t signed up yet, we are doing a free-to-play game every week of the NFL. We will have six predictions you need to make. The pool is $1,000, so if you get them all right, you will split that with everyone else who got them all correct.

No one got all of the questions right last week. So, if someone did, the $1,000 would have been all theirs!

Our Week 6 questions are live and will close just before the early slate on Sunday!


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