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Useful Sports Betting Injury Info Sources for US Handicappers

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 25, 2019

There’s no aspect of sports that can instantly alter a betting market like a serious injury to a key player. Take the 2019 NFL season, for example. The New Orleans Saints lost quarterback Drew Brees, the NFL’s all-time passing yardage leader, to a thumb injury that required surgery during Week 2 of the season. The Saints, an NFC Conference finalist in 2018, were given the best betting line of any NFC team to win Super Bowl 54 at odds of +817. Following the injury to Brees, those odds shot up to +2000.

Staying on top of injury developments is a vital component to betting, both in future book wagers and in game-to-game wagering. And from sport to sport, the disclosure of injury data is a different as the equipment required to play each sport.

NFL Most Honest Regarding Injuries

By far, the most open and up front of the major North American sports leagues when it comes to injury details is the NFL. The league issues daily injury charts updating the health of all of its 32 teams, and breaks down the ailments in great detail. Their data even informs you whether or not a player was able to practice, or even if a player was limited in practice on a daily basis. 

The status of injured players heading into a team’s next game is broken down and categorized from probable, to questionable, to doubtful, and to out.

Consider this open-book policy regarding injuries as the NFL’s subtle acknowledgement to the fact that they owe a significant portion of their recognition as North America’s most popular game to sports betting.

NHL Guards Injuries Like State Secrets

The NBA and MLB are also fairly upfront when it pertains to injury updates but the NHL deploys the cone of silence when it comes to talking about player ailments. 

You’ll not get a straight answer from a tight-lipped player or coach when questioned about any injury. In fact, ask an NHL coach about a player’s injury status and you’ll get about as much straightforward honesty as you’d expect from a Donald Trump press conference. There’s a belief in NHL circles that if an opponent knows the area and severity of a player’s injury, they will go out of their way to target that area during the game. 

It’s about as old-school as it gets, and it’s also why finding an app that will give you up-to-date injury news is essential if betting on the NHL is something that interests you.

7 best apps for locating Injury Betting data

  • Rotoworld DFS Injuries
  • CBS Sports 
  • CBC Sports
  • Sports Alerts NBA Injury Betting Data
  • TheScore 
  • DonBest NCAA Injuries Stats
  • ESPN  Sports App

Rotoworld DFS injury Data Source

Operated by NBC and technically designed to inform fantasy sports players about the status of athletes, nonetheless the information Rotoworld provides can also create a positive outcome for your sports betting goals. Rotoworld provides detailed injury lists for every big league team in all of the major sports, outlining the type and seriousness of the injury, the status of the player heading into the team’s next game and the date when the injury was originally suffered.

The site’s injury dashboard goes through all of the key injuries and in the case of the NFL, provides data on how many snaps the player was able to take in the last game, as well as projecting their availability for the next game – will they be limited, or are they healthy and prepared to go a full 60 minutes?

CBS Sports injury Betting Info 

They’ve been around since television networks first began regularly broadcasting pro sports in the 1950s but you’ve got to give CBS credit. They’ve kept up with the times and their Sportsline app is among the best out there for sports bettors.

They leave no stone unturned in their reporting of up-to-date injury news. Everything a bettor wants to know about an injured player – what’s wrong with them, are they playing this week, and if not, when are they expected to be playing again?

CBC Sports Injury Stats

If hockey is the game you like to bet, then the CBC app is a place you need to get to know. Breaking through the barrier to information constructed by the NHL regarding player injuries, this site gets into intricate detail when analyzing how long a player might be absent from the lineup. 

You’ll receive info on the injured player’s status and even a breakdown of the latest news regarding his ailment. 

Sports Alerts NBA Injury App

NBA fans rave about the detailed info they get on the Association from this app. At the Sports Alerts site, you won’t be overwhelmed by the aesthetics of their interface. It’s very nuts and bolts but what it may lack in bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in detail and data.

You’ll find live score and news alerts on all the major pro and NCAA leagues. Users can favorite teams in every league and set a variety of alerts to get up-to-the-minute news on all of those teams. All of your received alerts are saved in your history, just in case you missed any of them.

theScore Injury and Stats Betting Info Source

With theScore’s bet app, users will be able to gain instant access to the fastest possible scoring updates and data, real-time odds, and additional betting content, including injury updates. U.S. users are also able to navigate quickly from box scores straight into theScore Bet app with a single tap, delivering fluid and seamless cross-app navigation. 

Their coverage of sports is extensive – NBA, NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA, PGA, MMA, even Premier League soccer. Tap their matchup feature for detailed box scores, including live player data, betting lines, news and multimedia.

DonBest NCAA basketball and football Injury Data

At, there’s a deep bench of injury info available at your fingertips. This app delves well beyond the major pro ranks and offers frequent injury and roster updates on NCAA basketball and football teams.

With each sport, detailed data is supplied on the reason for a player’s departure, as well as the speculation on how long the player’s absence from the lineup is expected to continue. The data provided goes beyond ailments to include players who are out of action via suspension or from running afoul of the law.

ESPN NFL and Other Sports Injuries Data Center

An entity that bills itself as the world sports leader, it’s paramount that ESPN back up that bravado with a state-of-the-art app, and they do. It enables users to establish favorites, both in terms of teams and leagues. Everything you click on opens up directly in the app. You’re not redirected to the website and because of that the stories are much easier to read on your mobile device.

With so many insiders on the front lines of all the major sports, ESPN gains access to information quicker than the vast majority of apps. With a reporter at every NFL game, you know if there’s a last-minute injury development, this is where you’re likely to hear about it first. And with the Now section on the ESPN app, you’ll get access to tweets from all of ESPN’s insiders at your fingertips.