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Top 3 Super Bowl Gambling Podcasts To Listen

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 26, 2019

Looking to get an edge around Super Bowl betting time? Check out our top picks of the best Super Bowl and NFL betting podcasts online. Improve your betting knowledge.


The official home of the Super Bowl has dozens of podcasts running through the year. There’s even a regular DFS – NFL Fantasy Live – with the latest news, analyses and picks.

RPO: Rome Pryce Opinion


Join Trevor Pryce and Jim Rome in one of the hottest NFL podcasts around. Player.FM is oftentimes the best place for Super Bowl news and opinions. Rome and Pryce’s weekly podcasts is one of the best.

Laces Out

Former NFL star Willie Colon and Tommy Smokes head up this popular podcast, presented by DFS outfit FanDuel. The weekly podcast features all the best Super Bowl previews, NFL gossip, and players of the week.

Sugget your favorite NFL betting podcasts that we all should follow and listen to ahead of Super Bowl Final. Write to us!

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