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Tipico’s Adrian Vella on why NJ is a perfect state to kick-start its business

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020

More and more players joining U.S. sports betting and casino gambling scene. Tipico is set to debute here as well. I talked to Tipico‘s managing director US Adrian Vella to learn why NJ is more attractive market to start and who he thinks can become the Superbowl champs this year.

Why you decided to go for NJ first? 

New Jersey is the perfect state for Tipico to kick-start its business in the U.S.

You can say it’s our beachhead, because it has a more mature, sophisticated mobile sports betting audience and is the driving force from a regulatory and licensing perspective.

We wanted to get our product approved by the New Jersey DGE, which would in a sense give us a stamp of excellence for all other states. We welcome the competitive environment, especially on the brand and marketing side, as it will help us to test strategies and sharpen our approach to the broader U.S. market as new states open up and we expand our footprint.

How Tipico will differentiate itself in this competitive environment? What unique offers will be on the menu?

With 15 years of European sportsbook experience, Tipico is one of the few in the business-to-consumer side using our own proprietary technology. We are very excited to debut the product that our hardworking developers have put together specifically with the U.S. market in mind. We have spent time to build the right foundations to be able to grow, add features and adjust to our customers quickly.  We are also very excited to debut our new U.S. marketing campaign at launch, with competitive new user promotions to come.

What is your marketing strategy: partnering with the media, relying on affiliates, sponsoring tv/radio shows?

We’ll rely on a digital-first approach to test the New Jersey market, focusing across streaming TV, podcast, social media and more. We’ve also partnered with IncomeAccess to fuel our affiliate program, and we are currently negotiating with new publisher partners for launch. Interested partners can sign up here.

Will you offer Tipico NJ casino as well?

We’ve signed a best in class partner, Scientific Games as aggregator on top of our priority technology and frontend product for our iGaming launch later this year, pending New Jersey DGE review.

Who wins Super Bowl in your opinion, the team you would bet?

Now this is me talking, not our world-class bookies, so take it with a grain of salt. But I picked Patrick Mahomes as my QB1 in fantasy this year and he’s been a stud so far, so I have to ride with the Kansas City Chiefs to repeat as Superbowl champs!