Best US Online Sportsbooks For Beginner Bettors!

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Best US Online Sportsbooks For Beginner Bettors!

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: June 14, 2023

Are you 18+, living in the U.S. and looking for the best U.S. online sportsbooks for beginners, because you’ve decided to venture into the world of sports betting? It’s always intrigued you but you aren’t really 100 percent certain about how it works. You don’t understand tasks that might seem simple to the experienced player. How to make a bet? When to make a wager? What do all those numbers and symbols next to the team names mean?

What to look for in the best online sportsbooks for U.S. Players in 2019?

There are certain elements that must always top your must-have list when seeking a good and LEGAL online sportsbook in the U.S., especially when you are a beginner.

  1. Are they trustworthy, legal and licensed by any American gaming authority?
  2. Do they offer competitive odds on all the major sports?
  3. Is their customer service easy to reach and able to solve problems?
  4. Do they provide a wide array of banking options?
  5. What is American sports betting site's reputation in the gaming industry?
  6. How long have they been in the gambling business?
  7. How lucrative are their bonus and promotional offers, and what sort of restrictions do they place on these enticements?
  8. Does the sportsbook provide other gaming options, such as a racebook or casino?

Fortunately, the leading U.S. online sportsbooks (operating legally, not from the offshores) understand that newcomers to the game want these answers to be readily available. The best American online sportsbooks are just like any other company. They want to grow their business. They cater to their customer.

Regulated betting sites will always be willing to help out and offer guidance to the new U.S. players.

These are some of the top online sportsbooks (all accept U.S. customers) that not only want your business but also recognize that an educated player is their best client.

10 american sportsbooks that cater to the beginner bettor
10 American sportsbooks for beginners. Hope you can learn how to find value in betting on Minnesota Vikings, the most disappointing team in the league in 2018.

TOP 10 American online sportsbooks for beginners:


One of the best online sportsbooks in the United States (perfect for the beginners) is FanDuel.  Fanduel is a company that built its reputation via daily fantasy sports. They’ve developed a solid base of trust with the wagering public via this entity, giving away more than $2 billion in prize money.

Moving into the realm of the sportsbook, they’ve brought the same qualities to this new venture. For instance, they’re aligned with Irish sportsbook giant Paddy Power BetFair. Also, FanDuel is one of three sports betting sites listed as an official betting site of the NHL.

You’ll find everything you’d expect from a leading sportsbook at FanDuel. They offer all the usual types of wagering – straight wagers, player and game propositions, parlays, teasers, live wagers, half, quarter and period wagering, round robins, spread and future betting.

Best of all, FanDuel provides an extensive sports betting how-to guide explaining home each wager works. As well, it’s broken down via sport. You’ll get all the information you need to make wise wagering decisions.

888 Sport US

You’ll find the interface on the sports betting website at to be one of the easiest to use in the gambling industry. It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s concise. Best of all, it’s informative, a veritable one-stop shop for all your betting needs and concerns.

From the drop-down menu under the help icon, you can locate how to contact 888Sport’s customer service reps. You’ll also find a descriptive of who they are and what sorts of devices will be compatible with their online sportsbook.

A sub menu under the help section entitled Getting Started is as self-explanatory as its title. Here you’ll discover how to register with 888Sport. You’ll also unearth vital information for the newcomer explaining types of bets and how to bet.

William Hill NJ

William Hill is the granddaddy of sports betting. It seems like this venerable sportsbook has been around so long, it may have accepted the first-ever sports wager. But don’t confuse experienced with out of touch.

William Hill doesn’t just keep up with the times. They set the trends. In September 2018, they struck a promotional deal with the Vegas Golden Knights, becoming the first sportsbook William Hill US to ever partner with an NHL team.

They are equally responsive to their clientele. William Hill’s web page is chock full of frequently-asked questions. While they also offer an easily-accessible customer support area, the FAQs can save you a lot of time.

These even cater to the new American bettor. You’ll find an array of answers about how to get started and how to place bets. There’s even a category that breaks down the rules for virtually every major sport. Their slogan is If you can bet on it, we're interested.


If you want to know how prominent and solid a player PlayMGM is in the sports betting industry, just read the news. In October 2018, the sportsbook signed a sponsorship deal with the NHL. It will allow PlayMGM access to NHL data in order to help set more accurate odds on each game.

PlayMGM also has similar partnership deals with the NBA, MLB and MLS. And they’re just as excited about partnering with you.

At the PlayMGM online sportsbook, you’ll find a section entitled GameSense. It explains new U.S. players not only how to bet on sports, but also how to place responsible sports bets. It offers tips on how to set a budget and advice that enables you to determine exactly what type of bettor you are.


Like FanDuel, DraftKings is also one of the best online sportsbooks for beginners in the U.S. The betting website got its start as a daily online fantasy sports operation. With the ever-widening scope of legal sports betting in the USA, they’ve expanded into the sportsbook business.

They’ve always been a site that catered to the newcomer. In their fantasy sports competitions, DraftKings offered a beginners level of competition for newcomers just getting their feet wet in playing sports for money online.

Beyond the standard how-to explanations, DraftKings also provides a deep dive into the statistics of wagering at their site. They open a window into the average percentage wins by both experienced players and newcomers. They even encourage new players to take things slowly and learn the ropes before diving into any significant wagering.

Caesars Sport

You’d expect a traditional name in the business to offer all the bells and whistles and treat their customers like they were emperors of the realm. That’s exactly what you’ll discover to be the case at Caesars Sport. It is one of the best American sportsbooks for beginners offering online sports betting for the U.S. players, in-game odds and a menu of some decent welcome bonuses.

An extensive menu of deposit offers and how-to betting advice is presented in the support area of the Caesars Sport web page. They even offer what’s called a cooling off period, where bettors enduring a run of bad luck can actually self-suspend access to their account for anywhere from 3-30 days.

The detailed section also explains what sports are available to bet and what types of wagers are available to be made. A further explanation of how each of those bets work is also a mouse click away.


You won’t find a more detailed explanation of the types of bets and how to play them than you will in the how to bet section of the BetAmerica website. They breakdown the intricacies of the money line, prop wagers, totals, spreads, parlays and live betting.

You’ll even get a beginner course in how to read the odds as well as an in-depth explanation of how the variety of parlay wagers work. Futures and outright wagers are also explained, as is where to go on their site in order to play all of these types of wagers.

The explanation of other aspects of the game, from deposit options to promotional offers, are also delved into with in-depth analysis. And it’s all presented on a clean web page that is easy on the eyes and even easier to follow.

BetFair NJ / 4NJBets

You won’t come across a deeper list of sports rules explanations than at the BetFair website. Over 30 sports are broken down in great detail, everything from athletics to WWE. You’ll also find explanations of betting rules regarding non-sport entities such as politics, financial markets and TV shows like Big Brother.

In partnership with the mighty Paddy Power since 2016, Betfair boasts of more than 4 million customers. That sort of loyalty is a solid indication that they’re a brand that you can trust. You’ll be able to access detailed descriptions of the types of bets they offer, as well as the promotional offers available and the regulations attached to them in the help topics section on the BetFair web page.


When you’re new to a game, who helps you develop the necessary skills required in order to compete and succeed better than a coach? Well, at the SugarHouse web site, they provide newcomers to the sports betting world with a virtual coach to guide them seamlessly into the world of sports wagering.

They start you out with basic betting terms. Once you grasp that concept, you’ll move to step two, which is types of bets that you can play. From there, you’re ready to narrow your focus and break it down into types of bets on offer in each sport.

There’s even a handy betting guide PDF that you can download and have at your fingertips whenever you need it.


At PointsBet, a great online sportsbook for beginners, they take the learning curve for sports betting newbies to a new level. Here, it’s personal. You’ll get how to bet instructions delivered to you via video by famous athletes from a variety of sports.

Ex-NFL defensive back Darrelle Revis handles football wagering how-to advice in a video entitled The Revis Betting Academy. He’ll even teach you how to calculate a parlay wager.

The newest addition to the PointsBet team is NBA legend Allen Iverson. He provides The Answer on questions about sports betting.

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