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Should a bettor look to fade long, successful ATS winning – or losing – streaks?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

A popular betting approach is to be against teams that are enjoying a long-run of point spread success, expecting a return to the means (normal).

While there is every reason to believe that spread winning streaks – or losing streaks – will come to an end (they always do), knowing when to time the end of streak is more likely based on a situational handicap than a team’s sudden downturn of stellar play.

You would much rather be on the winning streak, then continuing to try and buck the trend, perhaps in a Martingale-type betting technique.

Successful spread runs often occur and end before the general betting public becomes aware of its success. Usually, only the longest of point spread or OVER/UNDER streaks really catch the public eye.

And streaks shouldn’t necessarily be considered ended after one result in the opposite direction. Again, circumstances could’ve limited the growing success of a team.

Often, a read on why a team is having spread success might not have a much to do with the team’s success, but also likely could have to do with the public’s perception of the team, and how it relates to value for a team that is continuously beating the spread.