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San Antonio Spurs betting: expert advice, lines and predictions?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 11, 2019

The San Antonio Spurs and their legendary head coach seemingly can never be denied a strong level of success.

The veteran mentor, while great, also usually surrounds himself with elite assistants. The franchise is known for maximizing the talent of players of all professional levels from superstar to role player.

The Spurs are rarely a home underdog but when they are, run to the window with both fists full. San Antonio has been nearly unbeatable in that role.

Also, the Spurs are a great team when rested. That’s why the staff is regarded as the league’s best when accounting for player minutes. San Antonio is very strong with two or more days off before frequently covering the next game out.

San Antonio is stellar right now as a home team when it comes to covering the point spread.

Also, San Antonio has been very successful in covering the number when playing teams from outside of its division.

Also, the Spurs bounce back pretty well off a loss, covering the number more often than not.

It’s not always a guaranteed take with San Antonio, there are a few spots to fade the Spurs, as well.

For example, playing teams within the division, the Spurs have had a tougher time covering the spread.

Also, when the Spurs are a road ‘dog, they tend to not cover the spread, as well.

Another situation where San Antonio falls short is when playing on one day’s rest.

The Spurs may be a franchise known as a strong one defensively, but that has shifted recently.

San Antonio is producing more OVER results than UNDER finishes.

When the Spurs are an underdog on the road, they are a very strong OVER play. In general, as a ‘dog Spurs games go OVER.

Also, San Antonio frequently goes OVER when playing teams from the Eastern Conference.

When coming off a loss, the Spurs turn it up defensively usually, and those games go OVER, as well.

There are a few roles where the San Antonio Spurs are producing more UNDER results.

Particularly, when playing teams within the division, the Spurs go UNDER.

Also, when playing on either two or three days’ rest, San Antonio is a pretty strong UNDER, too.

When the Spurs are a favorite at home, they also go UNDER quite frequently, as well.

You can bet legally on the San Antonio Spurs at sportsbooks in the United States in several states, including New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island.