The Most Popular Sports Betting Video Channels

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The Most Popular Sports Betting Video Channels

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: June 17, 2019

There’s limited access to much-needed sports betting information on network television in the USA. Until that changes, the sports bettor’s best friend is a sports betting video blogger. YouTube offers an array of top-flight sports betting channels that are here to help you understand wagering on sports, as well as offer you advice on how to bet on games.

  • Kev’s Picks
  • Jim Feist
  • Sports Gambling Daily
  • Richard Dwyer
  • FiveThirtyEight
  • KJ The Gamballer
  • Wager Talk TV
  • VSiN Live
  • RotoGrinders

Kev’s Picks

You’ll get the best of both sports betting world’s from Kev’s Picks. Along with wagering tips on upcoming sports events, he also provides analysis of betting strategies. There are discussions on topics of interest, from basic sports betting nomenclature to whether you can make a living as a professional sports bettor.

Kev covers all the bases at his site. As a Fantasy Labs pro team member, he’s also an expert at setting up your lineup for daily fantasy competition. This channel is well worth your time if you’re serious about sports betting. He also has a website, and you can follow him on Twitter @kevinsportsgeek.

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Jim Feist

This is America's longest-running sports handicapping show. It’s hosted by award-winning Las Vegas legends Jim Feist and Dave Cokin. Here, you’ll get free sports betting analysis and picks every morning.

Feist has been a leader in the sports wagering information field for nearly 50 years. He was the host of Proline on the USA Cable Network, one of the first sports-betting shows to air over a mainstream network. Cokin, also known as “Smokin’ Dave,” is a veteran Las Vegas handicapper whose expertise has been called upon many times to provide betting insight on radio and television programming.

Together, they offer a unique combination of traditional, old-school handicapping knowledge meshed with cutting-edge technological advances within the industry. They are living proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks.

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VIP Sports Las Vegas

Steve Stevens isn’t shy about telling you how good he is at sports betting. He claims to have won more money betting on sports than anyone and bills himself as the bookie killer. He was featured in the 2013 CNBC reality series Money Talks about professional sports betting.

Stevens, whose real name is Darin Notaro, also doesn’t shy away from having bold opinions on sports betting and the sports and entertainment industry as a whole. He can come off as overbearing and has as many critics as he does supporters among the sports betting community.

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Sports Gambling Daily

Jared – he prefers to go by just his first name – and his cast of characters like Peanut Joe and Payton break down betting lines on all sports. Nothing is beyond discussion, whether it be the World Series or the College World Series.

You have to admire their work ethic. One of the best attributes of this channel is their dedication. Rarely a day goes by that they don’t post a new video offering wagering tips. Most days, you’ll find multiple broadcasts offering updates on that day’s picks.

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Richard Dwyer

Dwyer is a lawyer and licenced real estate broker based in Northern California. He operates two different sports-betting advice websites – and Both are free sites.

He’s been in the business posting video betting advice since 2013 and has developed a loyal following. While Dwyer delves into all sports, offering betting advice on everything from baseball to cricket, his specialty is boxing.

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While not specifically a sports betting website per se, Silver and his organization are considered among the leading analysts of data in the world and devote much of their energy to breaking down sports.

Any leading sports gambler will tell you that the best way to succeed is to eliminate as much chance from your wager as possible. Studying trends, analyzing tendencies and keying in on specific analytical data can go a long way toward taking the luck out of a bet. This is where FiveThirtyEight can prove a valuable resource to you.

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KJ The Gamballer

Kj is brash, he’s bold and he brings the braggadaccio to his broadcasts. He’s not afraid to tell you what’s on his mind. He’s also quite willing to share exactly how much money he makes betting on sports.

The only topic on this channel is sports. They cover sports betting advice and analysis of upcoming games. They also sprinkle in the occasional interview with a player. And KJ is never shy about sharing his opinion on any and all subjects. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining watch.

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Wager Talk TV

One of the most the most popular and trustworthy of the regular sports betting broadcasts. D’Angelo and Michaels are experienced handicappers who own a solid reputation within the sports betting community. They also co-host a national WagerTalk show on SB Nation Radio.

D’Angelo has worked with ESPN and Sirius/XM. As well, he’s the host of the Betting First Look podcast on iTunes. For more than 15 years Michaels was lead handicapper for Northcoast Sports. He also served as editor for a variety of sports-betting publications with Phil Steele Productions.

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VSiN Live

When it comes to depth of talent, the Vegas Stats and Information Network stands out in the crowd among the many sports betting channels on YouTube. In 2017 they set a new standard for hosts, hiring broadcasting legend Brent Musberger away from ESPN.

Sports betting is certainly not unfamiliar territory to Musberger. During his tenure at CBS, he hosted the NFL Today, which was the first network show to feature a handicapper in famous Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder.

The list of on-air hosts at VSiN also include a deep bench of sports gambling expertise in Mitch Moss, Pauly Howard, Ron Flatter, Gill Alexander, Michael Lombardi, Matt Youmans, Jonathan Von Tobel, Sam Panayotovich and Amal Shah. As well, oddsmakers Jimmy Vaccaro, Vinny Magliulo and Chris Andrews make regular appearances on the show.

Best of all for you, you don’t have to wait for them to download a video, VSiN live streams its show from their studio in the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, with up to nine hours a day of programming.

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After building a solid base of followers through daily fantasy advice, Rotogrinders has branched out into sports betting tips. They’ve been in business since 2010. Rotogrinders developed a daily fantasy partnership with NBC in 2014. The following year, they were named 2015 Best News and Analysis Site in the Daily Fantasy Sports category by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 1992 Federal law that effectively had banned legalized sports betting in most U.S. states, Rotogrinders branched out to begin offering sports betting news and advice. In May 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark-based iGaming technology innovators Better Collective purchased a controlling interest in Rotogrinders.

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Legalized sports betting is steadily growing across the United States since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing any state to legalize gambling on sports. It would only be logical to expect further steady, perhaps even explosive growth over the next couple of years as more states get their ducks in a row and prepare for legalized sports betting.

The mainstream sports media is beginning to take notice. After all, this is a multi-million dollar industry. Both Fox Sports and ESPN have recently launched regular, recurring sports-betting programming. Check the full list of the best U.S. sports betting shows available on TV.

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