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PointsBet Pick6: Earn money on football predictions. Promotion $25000 ✓

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: September 7, 2019
PointsBet Pick6 by Pointsbet sportsbook is a free football predictions app with a weekly cash prize of $25.000. (Check promotion and codes). To compete for money you have to select six football teams each week that you think will win. You can play it from all states in the USA except from Nevada and New York.
The cash prize will be equally divided amongst the total number of winners that week. If there are five winners, each winner gets $5,000. If there is just one winner, that winner gets all $25,000! Winners will be notified shortly after the end of the season week.
Bet on sports (real money) online with Pointsbet in NJ, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa:

How to play PointsBet Pick6? 

Rules are simple:
1. Sign up with PointsBet for free to be able to join Pick6 football predictions contest.

2. Choose how you want to play: College or Pro.

3. Select six teams you think will win this week and with what score.

4. You share the prize pool of $25.000 each week if your prediction wins.

5. Refer a friend to unlock exclusive football stats per team.

PointsBet Pick6 Promotion and Code

There's no promo code needed to join the football predictions contest and receive ongoing promotions and eventual bonus offers. 
From the site: “On the Site, you will see a list of six (6) upcoming NCAA and/or NFL football games (the “Games”) and seven (7) score bands displayed for each of the Games. You must predict the correct score band for each of the seven (7) score bands in each of the six (6) Games;” Read more about rules and how PointsBet Pick6 works on their official site.