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PointsBet Good Karma refund allows you to get money back for bad beats

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: December 10, 2020

How many times have you placed what you thought is a very good bet, only to be undone by some terrible bounce of the ball, or some miracle three-point shot that gave the underdog a back door cover?

Of course, if you have wagered at all over the years, you have a story about a bad beat that kept you up that night, or drove you nuts until something finally went your way down the road.

Pointsbet Refund Promo in December 2020

Now, if you sign up to PointsBet in December, you can guarantee that your bad beat of the month will not keep you up at night, unless you are out looking for Santa’s sleigh.

The PointsBet Karma Kommittee got together and figured it was time to give back some karma in your hands, especially in this time of giving. After you sign up for a PointsBet account, if you make 10+ wagers in December, you can email the site between December 28-31 with your Bad Beat of the month. The Good Karma team will refund whichever wager you select, up to $100 in free bets. You get to choose only one, though, so choose wisely.

That is just one of many promotions PointsBet has going right now, with many focused on the final month of the NFL.

With Pointsbet NFL Single Game Parlay Insurance, if you bet on any NFL game this weekend, except the Ravens-Browns game on December 14, you will get up to $25 back if one of your legs fails. You must bet a minimum of three legs on the single game parlay to be eligible.

The sports betting site also has Cash Out on NFL games, with the money line, spread line, and total. This allows you to get some money back early to bet other games, or minimize your loss if the game is not going your way.

Check Pointsbet weekly to see which new promotions are on offer, especially with the start of the NBA season less than two weeks away now.