PickStar Challenge Results & NFL Week 12 Preview

Patriots fans had a relaxing weekend. Week 11 started with a dominating win from New England on Thursday night. Atlanta didn’t even score!

Then, we had a full slate on Sunday, and several of those games were featured in our PickStar Challenge. Our free-to-play game has six predictions you need to make. And there’s a $1,000 prize pool for those who correctly answer all of the questions.

In Week 11, we didn’t have any winners. So, if you were the sole person, you would have taken the entire $1,000 prize.

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PickStar Challenge

Let’s go over the questions asked and see what contestants stumbled on the most.

Q1: Will the Bills beat the Colts by at least 7 points? No

The spread was off on this one. Colts won by 26, and it was never even close. Are the Bills still one of the top teams in the league? They have had some tough games recently.

On the other side of things, the Colts have been a lot better during the second half of the season. Jonathan Taylor was a stud on Sunday, recording five touchdowns.

Q2: Over or under 49.5 points in the Packers @ Vikings game? Over

This was one of the best games of the week. The over got help from 25 points being scored in the fourth quarter. Vikings were able to squeak out the win.

I still have the Packers having a great chance this season at reaching the Super Bowl. Rodgers looked great, throwing for 385 yards and four touchdowns.

Q3: Who will win the Bengals @ Raiders game? Bengals

The Bengals won this game on the ground. Joe Mixon rushed for 123 yards and two touchdowns. A great day for his fantasy owners!

Raiders started the season so well but have now lost three in a row.

Q4: Who will win the Saints @ Eagles game? Eagles

Jalen Hurts hasn’t been making it look pretty, but he is finding a way to win games. He rushed for three touchdowns and led the Eagles to their fifth win of the season.

The Saints need to replace Drew Brees and gain a more explosive offense. Getting healthy will be a good start.

Q5: Will the Chargers rush for over or under 120.5 yards against the Steelers? Yes

The Chargers rushed for 159 yards, 90 of which came from Justin Herbert. Austin Ekeler only rushed for 50 yards on 11 carries.

The effort was enough to just beat the Steelers. It was a must win now that LA is behind the Chiefs in the AFC West Standings.

Q6: Will the Buccaneers score over or under 30.5 points against the Giants? Under

Just under! The Buccaneers scored 30 points in the win against the Giants. They ended up winning by 20 points, getting a much-needed bounce back win.

The Bucs avoided a three-game losing streak with the win on Sunday. But they still have a commanding lead in the NFC South.

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Power rankings are extremely shifting week-by-week this season. Even the best teams in the league have had terrible performances that have been out of character.

Here is my power ranking entering Week 12.

  1. Cardinals
  2. Packers
  3. Rams
  4. Patriots
  5. Chiefs
  6. Buccaneers
  7. Ravens
  8. Titans
  9. Colts
  10. Cowboys

The Cardinals still have the best record in the league, and Kyler Murray hasn’t been healthy for the entire season. Colt McCoy has been holding his own.

Even though the Packers are coming off of a loss, Rodgers played incredibly well. It was a tough away game in the division. They will be playing the Rams in Week 12, so the list will reflect that outcome next week.

The Patriots have been the most dominant team in the NFL over the past five weeks. And the Chiefs seem to be back to their old selves. With Patrick Mahomes and their receivers, they are always a threat.

Key Matchups in Week 12

There are three games on Thanksgiving.

  • Bears @ Tigers
  • Raiders @ Cowboys
  • Bills @ Saints

The slate on Sunday is much better. The Buccaneers will be playing the Colts, who have been playing extremely well as of late. The matchup of the week is a late afternoon game between the Rams and Packers.

Sunday night will feature an NFC North battle between the Browns and Ravens. Hopefully, Lamar Jackson is back from his illness and at full strength.

Monday night is a little less exciting, ending the week with a game between the Seahawks and the WFT.

Signing Up for the PickStar Challenge

Our Week 12 questions are now live! If you have already signed up, you can log into your account and get started.

If you are new, you can still sign up! Create an account and simply answer all of the questions. It’s completely free to play. We have a running leaderboard that reflects the correct predictions you have made all season.


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