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Online sports betting in Missouri

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: June 30, 2019

While other states are moving to legalize sports betting, turf wars and disagreements over taxes and fees have stymied similar efforts in Missouri in 2019. Missouri is trying to join other states in legalizing sports betting, but if legislators approve sports betting, legal sports wagering may be restricted to vessels on water only.

Following the Supreme Court decision on May 14, 2018 that struck down the federal ban on sports betting (PASPA), states can now legalize sports betting with legislative approval.

In Missouri, industry groups are trying to maximize profits and minimize potential losses if wagering is legalized. That has led to a stalemate in negotiations. Under several scenarios, casinos would be the brick and mortar site for people wanting to wager on sports. But, sports leagues also want a share of the pie if their games are being used to generate cash for the state and the casinos.

So recent options including a restriction to wagering from vessels on water only have been proposed.

But Missouri will have other restrictions beyond just betting on sports from a water vessel or mobile device. The exorbitant taxes and restrictions on where bets can be placed along with sportsbooks contributions to the pro leagues and NCAA mean that customers in Missouri that want to bet on their favorite sports like football, basketball, baseball, and other sports will likely have higher costs to place a bet.

Legislation Updates on Sports Betting in Missouri

The Show-Me-State has a House bill (HB 119) with an unprecedented framework for legalized sports betting which would allow betting on games from vessels on water only. Mobile wagering in the state may be approved, however.

Missouri has two Senate bills being reviewed in early May, 2019. Both S 44 and S 222 would include statewide mobile sports betting.