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Odd/Even NHL Betting – How it works?

Odd/even betting is another one of those wagers that sounds very complicated but is in fact ridiculously easy to explain and to decipher.
Let’s suppose that the Winnipeg Jets are playing the Minnesota Wild in a key Central Division showdown. You would like to bet on the game, but both teams have been on hot streaks of late and you can’t determine which team to go with on a moneyline wager.
The odd/even wager on the total is an easy way to bet on the game, and you don’t even really need to know anything about hockey to make – or to win – at this play.

All you need to determine to place this wager is to decide at the end of the game when the total goals for the two teams are added together, will it come out to be an odd or even number. That’s your play – odd or even.
If you play the odd-numbered outcome and the Jets beat the Wild 5-4, 5+4=9, so you’d be a winner. But if the Wild beat the Jets 4-2, then 4+2=6 and your bet is a loser.

There is no deep knowledge of the intricacies of the game required in order to place this wager. You needn’t delve deeply into any of those newfangled hockey analytics stats charts that resemble ancient hieroglyphics.
This bet is the same as walking into a casino, strolling over to the roulette wheel and wagering on either red or black. This bet is as black and white in its simplicity as that one.

If you so choose, you can do a little bit of research and study the outcomes of recent games between the two teams, or just take into account each team’s recent score lines against all teams, and seek to decipher whether there’s a pattern of even or odd-numbered finishes.
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