NFL Week 9 Betting Results

After Week 9 of the NFL season, I feel as if it’s even more confusing to decide which teams are the top Super Bowl contenders.

One of the only games I was able to get right was on Thursday night. Thankfully, the Colts got the job done against the Jets. Then on Sunday, the chaos began.

Bengals fans got excited after several great weeks from Joe Burrow. But they lost to the Jets and followed that by getting throttled by the Browns, who had plenty of drama leading up to this game.

With Dak Prescott coming back, I was ready for the Cowboys to turn it on against the Broncos. That didn’t happen at all.

What happened to the Bills? Josh Allen threw two picks in the 9-6 loss to the Jaguars. This is a team that has steadily appeared near the top in everyone’s power rankings, but they now have three losses.

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And the game that stumped most people in our PickStar Challenge was the Titans beating the Rams. It doesn’t matter if Derrick Henry is out as long as the defense plays like that.

Who is the Best NFL Team Right Now?

After all of these upsets and injuries, who is the best team in the NFL? There are several teams that still appear to be the favorites if they are healthy.

I think it’s about time we give the Titans the respect they deserve, even after losing Henry. Ryan Tannehill may be closer to elite than many experts have given him credit for.

The Cardinals still only have one loss, and they won in Week 9 with an excellent performance from their backup, Colt McCoy. It’s a Super Bowl season for Arizona.

It’s also time to start talking about the Patriots. Bill Belichick is right where he wants to be with rookie QB Mac Jones.

And then there are the Ravens, Buccaneers, Rams, and others that are still fully capable of winning it all.

Super Bowl Odds After Week 9 via DraftKings

Here are the latest Super Bowl odds for the top teams. In eligible states, you can sign up and make a wager from DraftKings Sportsbook.

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DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Buccaneers: +550
  • Bills: +600
  • Rams: +800
  • Titans: +1000
  • Cardinals: +1000
  • Chiefs: +1200
  • Packers: +1200
  • Ravens: +1200
  • Cowboys: +1200
  • Chargers: +2000
  • Browns: +2800
  • Patriots: +3500

PickStar Challenge – $1,000 Per Week

In our PickStar Challenge, we had multiple entries that missed a single question. The Titans’ victory over the Rams was the biggest hurdle.

We will still be moving forward with questions every week, and the folks on the top of the leaderboard are going to get harder to catch.

If you have already signed up, be sure to log on and answer all of the questions for the remainder of the season. For those who have yet to sign up, we are still giving away $1,000 to anyone who gets every prediction correct. If multiple people win, the prize money will be split.

Looking Ahead to Week 10

For Week 10, the Bears, Bengals, Giants, and Texans are on a bye. The first game on Thursday will be between the Ravens and the Dolphins.

The Cowboys will be playing the Falcons, who are far from a bad team. If they play anything like they did in Week 9, Atlanta will win that game.

One of the most interesting matchups will be the Browns traveling to New England to take on the Patriots. I would be very impressed if the Pats pick up another win.

The Rams will get another prime-time game on Monday night against the 49ers. They really need to bounce back in a big way.

These games and more will be featured in our Week 10 PickStar Challenge! It is live now!


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