NFL Week 7 Betting and PickStar Recap

Week 7 started with a depleted Browns team sneaking out a win against the Broncos. Thankfully, I still thought they had the talent to get the win! 🏈

Six teams had a bye in Week 7! So, the schedule was a bit weak. However, there were still some great matchups that we were able to highlight in our free-to-play PickStar Challenge.

PickStar Questions

Every week we ask six questions. If you get them all right, you get to split the $1,000 prize. In Week 7, we had two entries that only missed one question! So close.

Here are all of the correct predictions from last week.

Who will win the Chiefs @ Titans matchup? Titans

I thought this was going to be a close game. It wasn’t at all. Starting to think that the Chiefs have real problems this season. They have to immediately turn things around if they want to make the playoffs.

But the Titans are no joke. Next week they have a big game against the Colts, which will be the second time they face off. If they win, they will have a commanding lead in the AFC South.

Who will throw for more passing yards in the Panthers @ Giants game? Daniel Jones

The Panthers started off the season well, but it quickly went downhill. The Giants were able to beat the Panthers 25-3.

Neither quarterback was impressive. Sam Darnold only threw for 111 yards. Daniel Jones had 203 yards.

Who will have more rushing yards in the Bengals @ Ravens game? Lamar Jackson

This was a tough question. Lamar Jackson is the best rushing quarterback of all time, but he’s starting to throw the ball a lot more this season. And Joe Mixon has been playing extremely well.

But it was Jackson that ended up with the most yards on the ground, even though Mixon and the Bengals got the last laugh with the win. Jackson had 88 yards rushing on 12 carries.

Will the Cardinals beat the Texans by at least 17 points? Yes

This is one of the biggest spreads of the week. The Texans aren’t good, so the only question was whether or not the Cardinals were going to cover the large spread, and they did.

The Cardinals easily moved to 7-0 with a 31-5 win over the Texans. Kyler Murray had 261 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Will the total points scored be over or under 45.5 points in the Colts @ 49ers game? Over

Don’t sleep on the Colts! There was a lot of rain in San Francisco on Sunday night. I’m sure that affected many people’s prediction.

But the over still hit. The Colts won the game 30-18. It helped that 16 points were scored in the fourth quarter.

Will Jameis Winston throw for at least 250 yards on Monday night? No

At the beginning of the season, I thought that the Saints may have some success with Jameis Winston at quarterback. But he’s just not consistent.

The Saints were able to get the win, but that wouldn’t have been the case if Russell Wilson was able to play. Winston threw for 222 yards in the win.

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Looking Ahead to Week 8

Thankfully, there are only two teams that have a bye in Week 8. Thursday night will be a great matchup between Green Bay and Arizona, but we won’t be featuring that game on PickStar. We keep the questions open until the games start on Sunday.

On Sunday night, the Cowboys will be playing the Vikings. Dallas is coming off of a bye and appears to be one of the top teams in the league.

Then, Monday night will be the Giants and Chiefs. If Kansas City loses this game, I don’t see a scenario where they salvage the season. It’s a must-win.

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