NFL In-Play Bonus? BetMGM gives you free bets every time you wager in-play on the NFL

American sports books offer in-play betting, or live game betting, as one of the options on their sites. In-play means just that: you can bet on a contest after the game starts.

As sports betting has evolved over the last few years in America, certain types of bets that were never available before, without mobile apps or online devices, have started to come to the forefront of the business.

In-play, or live, betting is certainly one that comes to mind right away.

The rise of in-play wagering from a niche part of betting on any event to one of the most popular has been swift, and books have been just as swift to take advantage. BetMGM currently has an offer, which runs until New Year’s Day, that combines bettors' love for two things: in-play wagering and the National Football League.

BetMGM has a promotion going, “Bet With The In-Crowd”, that offers bettors a free $20 bet daily if they make one qualifying $50 in-play wager on any NFL game over the next five weeks. With the division races, as well as the expanded playoff races, coming down to the wire, the next five games for each team could prove to be massively important, leading up to the final game day on January 3 2021.

So how do you take advantage of this offer? Live game wagering does involve some skill, yes, and some reading of the game. But remember, this is the NFL:anything can happen on the next play, the next quarter, the next half, so there is some luck involved as well.

Say you think Patrick Mahomes is going to throw the next touchdown pass for the Chiefs, and you put $60 down in the app. Maybe, after watching the first quarter of a high-scoring contest, you think the over total is a lock, and you want to throw down $50 on it. Or you look at the weather report, and there is heavy snow heading to Denver that will make the game a mess in the second half, and that under 24 total looks promising. 

All of these are solid examples of an in-play wager, and if you bet any one of them for $50+, boom, there you go:

BetMGM throws you an extra $20 free bet for in-play

So how do you do it? Here are the instructions, which are very easy to follow:

First, you need to sign in to your BetMGM account. Then, you have to opt-in to the promotion, which you can claim once per day. Once you make your qualifying bet of at least $50 and with minimum odds of -200 (for example, -200, -150, +300, etc.), you will get your free $20 bet from the site within 24 hours of placing your in-play qualifying wager.

It is that easy, and you don’t even need to win your original bet to get the free $20!

This in-play betting promotion runs until January 1, 2021 at BetMGM Sports. You can get the bonus if you are in NJ, Colorado, West Virginia, PA, Michigan (soon), Tennessee.

Of course, there are some conditions involved.

You must use the bet in the online or via the app as a single bet within 30 days of the bet being credited to your account: free bets cannot be redeemed for cash at any time; free bets cannot be redeemed on any Poker, Casino, Live Casino, Games or Slots; free bets do not count towards qualifying for any other promotional offers; your free bet is not returned if your free bet wager becomes void; you cannot “Cash Out” your free bet(s).

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