NBA Betting Consensus

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NBA Betting Consensus

Author: American Gambler Staff | Publish Date: April 27, 2023 | Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Placing sports bets is a challenging task, especially for the NBA. The expected favorites might not necessarily come out on top, and those who do may not cover the spread. Nevertheless, reliable information is available that aids both bettors and oddsmakers in making informed decisions.

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Online sportsbooks rely on the NBA betting consensus when deciding which NBA betting lines to set. This helps them to establish the odds and distinguish between the favorites and underdogs. It's also invaluable information for bettors when they place their bets.

What is the Betting Consensus? 

NBA consensus picks represent an in-depth analysis that outlines the picks made by other NBA bettors for each game. They cover the top three popular sports betting markets:

Total (Over/Under)

The report contains each NBA betting market's percentage breakdown and total selections.

A valuable tool for handicapping, the NBA betting consensus provides bettors with a summary of the betting trends of the three markets. The betting ratio reveals the precise chance of winning that different operators get on specific games. 

However, the betting consensus is only a tool; it takes an entire set of tools to make the best picks. It's important to note that odds primarily comprise the view of the sportsbooks, causing most bets to lean towards the favorites in terms of betting, moneylines, and total bets. 

This doesn't necessarily mean that bettors are following their selections. This is where reviewing the NBA betting consensus is vital to bettors.

How to Use Public Betting Consensus 

In sports betting, people tend to favor the home teams or favorites. Similarly, fan-favorite teams like the Lakers garner a lot of public support nationwide. In addition, bettors will sometimes choose not to back a team simply because it lost the previous game as a favorite. 

It's essential to keep up with news, weather, and injury reports to assess the varying conditions of each game independently. Furthermore, analyzing every aspect of the public betting system and line movements is crucial, which is the role of the NBA public betting consensus. 

Should you Bet in Favor or Against the Consensus? 

Sportsbooks strive to reduce their exposure by striking a balance on both ends of any bet. If one side receives an abundance of public wagers, the bookkeeper may adjust the line and odds to lure bettors to the other side.

A shifting betting line can indicate a sizable portion of the public placing their bets in one direction, which can be reflected in the NBA betting consensus.

There's no single answer for whether bettors should follow the money or bet against it (called fading). The consensus picks are an excellent handicapping tool either way, but they are not a crystal ball for a game. 

It's always important to research all the facets that go into the game – weather, the teams' recent performances, player health, and more. The consensus picks are another weapon in the sports betting arsenal that allows bettors to make more-informed choices. 

American Gambler Staff