Bet365 Kentucky Launch Day Deal – $10 For Every TD Scored

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Bet365 Kentucky Launch Day Deal – $10 For Every TD Scored

Author: Erik Gibbs | Publish Date: September 18, 2023 | Last Updated: September 25, 2023

On September 29, all Kentucky bettors can turn their heads to bet365 Kentucky and consider opening an account to take advantage of a unique offer that will grant them over $400 in bonuses.

Bet365 kentucky launch day deal - $10 for every td scored

There is no better way to kick off betting in the Bluegrass State than with top Kentucky sportsbook promos like the ones available at bet365 KY.

The NFL regular season is now running at full speed, and the first week of football action brought in more excitement and surprises than fans could have expected. With the upcoming matchups heating up, such as the Detroit Lions facing the Green Bay Packers, it might be the perfect time to consider grabbing your Bet365 Kentucky promo code.

How bet365 Kentucky Offer Works

Exclusive to Kentucky locals, bet365 is offering new users a generous promotion of $10 in bonus bets for every touchdown scored in the Lions vs. Packers game on Thursday, September 28.

This date coincides with the launch of legal Kentucky betting apps, which is why bet365 KY is looking to make the most of its entry into the sports betting market in the state.

Bettors must proceed to pre-register to bet365 and comply with all the terms and conditions to activate their account. Once they have confirmed that their account is active, they can go ahead and claim the bonus.

Bettors can opt for a total of up to $50, which means that if a minimum of five touchdowns are scored, bettors will get a total of $50 in credit bet bonus.

This promotion is now one of the top alternatives for all Kentucky locals willing to make the most of a top matchup like the Lions facing the Packers on bet365’s first official day in the state.

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Bet $1, Claim $365 in Bonus Bets

Still, this is not the only promo bet365 will allow its new bettors to take advantage of. Once players have pre-registered with bet365 Kentucky, they will also be eligible to receive a top bonus uniquely offered by the world-famous sportsbook.

Bettors will be able to fund their account, and by placing a $1 bet on the Packers vs. Lions matchup, they will secure $365 in bonus bets.

To claim the bonus, bettors must sign up for a bet365 account and go through the pre-registration process. When they do, certain basic information details such as full name and address will be requested.

Once bettors undergo GPS verification to ensure that they are within the boundaries of the state of Kentucky, they will get confirmation that their account is active. Now, bettors can take action and make their first $1 bet and get a total of $365 in betting credit bonus.

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Other Bets to Watch for Lions vs. Packers

With a Detroit Lions lineup promising to make a solid statement against the Packers on September 28, bettors will want to keep an eye on certain options when they make their first wager.

Although the Packers might strike as the favorite team for September 28, it will all depend on how the Lions perform in the team’s upcoming matchup. Still, moneylines are a great way to get started.

The Under and Over are also great alternatives to keep an eye on. Given the Packer’s first 38-10 win against the Chicago Bears, the team is aiming high to keep scores on the over margin. With the Lions looking to prove that they are worthy of making it to the top of the division standings, there is no question that fans can expect the final score to reach the top digits.

Finally, all Kentucky bettors need to stay on the watch for other top promotions that bet365 will release between now and September 28 to make the most of every dollar wager.

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