NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals Betting

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NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals Betting

The NBA Eastern Conference Finals pits familiar foes against one another as the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat meet in the Conference Finals for the 3rd time in four seasons.

Despite knocking on the door the past few seasons, neither franchise has managed to win it all, with the Celtics faltering in the NBA Finals last season and the Heat bowing out in the Finals back in 2020. Is this the year one of them breaks through?

Where to Bet on the Eastern Conference Finals

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NBA Conference Finals Format in the Playoffs

The Conference Finals is the Third Round of the NBA Postseason and the final stage before the NBA Finals.

Four teams from each conference will progress to the semifinals in a best-of-seven format, with the winner proceeding to the final round with the accompanying home-court advantage.

At this point, each conference has only two teams remaining. 

These teams will confront one another in the Conference Finals, vying for the conference championship and an opportunity to participate in the NBA Finals. This series is also played in the best-of-seven format.

How to Bet on the Eastern Conference Finals

There are several factors to consider when betting on the Eastern Conference Finals. Main betting types include:

Point Spreads
Game/player props

A key metric that demands attention when placing bets on an NBA game is the possessions per game. This variable corresponds to the pace and duration of each team's performance. Teams that prioritize defense tend to have a lower possession count and, therefore, a lower score.

When picking a side its important to look at variables such as head-to-head seconds, home/away results, and any injuries that could significantly impact the outcome.

NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals Odds

NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal Schedule

This is how the schedule will play out if the series has to run through all seven games:

  • Game 1, May 17: Heat 123, Celtics 116
  • Game 2, May 19: Heat 111. Celtics 105
  • Game 3, May 21: Heat 128, Celtics 102
  • Game 4, May 23: Celtics 116, Heat 99
  • Game 5, May 25: Celtics 110, Heat 97
  • Game 6, May 27: Celtics at Heat
  • Game 7, May 29: Heat at Celtics

Heat Lead Series 3-2

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2023 NBA Playoffs Key Dates

The NBA Finals will be held on the following dates:

  • Game 1 – June 1
  • Game 2 – June 4
  • Game 3 – June 7
  • Game 4 – June 9
  • *Game 5 – June 12
  • *Game 6 – June 15
  • *Game 7 – June 18

*If Necessary