Does Weather Play a Role When Betting on the MLB?

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Does Weather Play a Role When Betting on the MLB?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: June 12, 2019

Where to check MLB weather forecast today before you bet?

It’s always good to check the weather at the site of the game you are going to bet. Here are five of the best MLB weather report sites to check:


Many people looking for MLB weather report before placing a bet on baseball games, but how does weather play a role in betting on MLB games?

Major League Baseball, or baseball in general for that matter, is a sport greatly affected by the weather. It’s also one of the few sports that will actually postpone a game, and often delay a game, because of bad weather.

How weather can have an impact on MLB games and bet outcome?

Before you place a bet on a MLB game it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast for today, except of course if the game is being played in a domed stadium then the weather will not be a factor at all.

However, it might be worth noting that when a “Dome Team’’ and there are six of them — Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros, and Tampa Bay Rays — travel to what could be a weather-affected site it might be a good idea to not bet them. Or better yet, bet against them.

For example, if Tampa Bay is traveling to Boston to play the Red Sox and the weather forecast is for a chilly, cloudy type of day with maybe even a sprinkle or two of rain, the Red Sox might be the proper bet that day.

Another example could be if Seattle is traveling to Texas to play the Rangers in the middle of July and the temperatures in Arlington, Texas, are forecasted to be in the 90-degree range. That might be a little tough on the road team, Mariners. Therefore, the Rangers might be the play that day.

Besides the temperature the day of the game, another major weather factor that affects a baseball game is the wind. Two places where wind is often a factor is Wrigley Field in Chicago, the home of the Cubs and Oracle Park in San Francisco, the home of the Giants.

Now other ballparks can be affected by the wind as well, but these two, especially Wrigley, get affected the most. Known by baseball people as “The Friendly Confines’’ Wrigley Field’s winds that come off Lake Michigan have determined the outcome of more than one game in its storied history.

In an April game at Wrigley this year the Cubs beat Arizona, 5-1, thanks to 20 mile-per-hour winds that blew straight in off the lake. The winning hit a pop fly by Kris Bryant fell between four Arizona defenders, who were fooled by the wind as the ball changed trajectories several times.

When the wind is blowing out at Wrigley, look out! Home runs will be the norm and you can expect a high-scoring game no matter who the opposition is. On a day like that, a smart bet would be to take the over on the over/under total runs bet.