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The Best March Madness Bets – NCAA Tournament Best Bets for 2022

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Whether it’s filling out a bracket, betting on single games, or making a first-weekend parlay, there’s nothing quite like the action that the NCAA Tournament offers. But what are the best March Madness bets for 2022? There’s a lot to consider heading into the tournament.

There will be tons of data and analysis to look at before March Madness, especially when it includes performances from conference tournaments. Getting as much information will only be helpful.

But there are many other aspects to consider, including all of the options that are given to you by legal US sportsbooks. In 2022, there are more betting types and March Madness bonuses available than ever before.

For our best March Madness bets, we will show what the top US betting apps have to offer. Plus, we have a few predictions for the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

Types of March Madness Bets

When using the sportsbooks on our site, you will have several options when it comes to betting on March Madness games.

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Here are some of the most popular betting types for the NCAA Tournament.


Betting on the moneyline is the most basic bet. You are simply betting on a team to win the game.

Moneylines will be set based on which teams are playing, so payouts will be different. The team with the (-) odds is the favorite, while the team with (+) odds is the underdog.

For example, if a team has odds of -250, they are heavy favorites. You would have to bet $250 to win $100. It’s a pretty expensive wager, but it can be worth it if you believe it is a lock. On the other hand, you can make a great margin by predicting a win from an underdog.


The spread, just like the moneyline, is set before the game begins. But these odds will stay consistent, being around even money.

The spread isn’t based on who wins the game. When betting on the favorite, you are betting that they will win by the spread set.

If Kansas is playing in the first round and their spread is set at -18.5, they have to win by at least 19 to cover the spread. So, you could bet on the underdog and still win the wager if Kansas only wins by 17 or less.


A total amount of points will be set for each team to score in the game. These are commonly referred to as over/unders. There are several bets you can make when it comes to totals.

You can bet on the over/under for points in the first half, second half, or the entire game. These bets can be on the total of one team or both teams combined.


Since there are so many games going in March Madness, parlays are very popular. Instead of betting on just one outcome, a parlay is one bet with multiple outcomes. All have to be correct for the bet to cash.

For example, you can bet on the spread for three different games. The odds for a 3-leg spread will usually be around +500.

And now with the great tools supplied by US betting sites, you can place same game parlays. This bet could include a spread and total of the same game.


Futures are very popular right before the start of March Madness. You can bet on a team to win it all before the first game.

These odds will update every round, but you will get the best odds the earlier the bet is placed.

Live Betting

In-game betting has been on the come up since sports betting was legalized in 2018. US sportsbooks have been improving live betting platforms.

It’s a great way to watch a game. Live betting sites will update the odds as the game occurs. If a team goes on a run, the spread will move to reflect that.

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FanDuel Live Betting

Some sites will have live streaming so you can watch the games from your mobile app. Paying attention to the game is crucial to succeeding when you are live betting.

Many of my best March Madness bets will come from using live betting strategies such as hedging my pregame bets and betting against the momentum.

Bet Smart – The Best March Madness Bets will include Bonuses

If you are going to be betting on March Madness, make sure you sign up for a couple of sportsbook apps. We have betting site reviews that go through all of the features. Most importantly, we have promo codes that will give you the best possible sign up bonus.

After using the welcome offer, there will be other promotions to use. March Madness is a great time for sportsbooks to attract customers by offering a wide variety of bonuses.

You will see odds boosts for certain games, parlay insurance bonuses, live betting bonuses, and ways you can earn free bets. It could be worth mostly betting with one sportsbook if there is a good loyalty program.

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Check out our reviews of the sportsbooks that will likely include the best March Madness bonuses.

NCAA Tournament Best Bets – Predictions & Tips for 2022

Even after a long season of games, anything can happen in the NCAA Tournament. After betting on the event through the years and constructing brackets, I have some predictions as to what I believe is going to happen.

Here are some tips on what I believe will lead you to make the best March Madness bets in 2022.

Hammer the SEC

When you look at the top conferences in NCAAB this year, the SEC, Big 12, and Big Ten stand out. But I’m leaning toward the SEC as the top conference.

There are five teams that are capable of going on a run – Kentucky, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. These teams have been playing in tough environments throughout conference play.

These tight battles will pay off in March Madness. I’m going to ride with the teams in the SEC.

Stay Away from the West Coast

The only west coast team I see going on a run this year is Gonzaga. Other than that, there are a lot of weak teams, especially in the Pac 12.

I’m not going to have UCLA or USC making it far in my bracket. Unlike the SEC, these teams have had competitive games, but it’s been with lesser competition.

USC just squeaked out wins against Washington State and Oregon State. One of their lone quality wins was Arizona, who I have coming up short yet again, after another successful regular season.

Kentucky to the Final Four

I’m buying into this Kentucky team. As a Louisville alum, it hurts. But they have gotten the best from every team in the SEC.

And this isn’t one of Coach Cal’s teams that is full of freshmen. There are guys like Oscar Tshiebwe and Kellan Grady who bring experience.

I’m taking the Cats to make a run to the Final Four. This is the chance for Calipari to get his second championship in Lexington.

Respect Experience with Gonzaga & Baylor

Last season it was Gonzaga and Baylor that competed in the National Championship. Both teams have the talent to make a similar sprint to the Final Four.

I’m taking note that they were in that position last season, in a year that had a lot of challenges.

Look at Coaching Matchups – Duke, Michigan State, & Villanova

Coaching is always key in March Madness. I will definitely be taking who is on the sidelines into consideration.

It’s Coach K’s last year. If he is healthy, you have to think he has a little more magic left. He has one of the top young players in the game with Paolo Banchero.

Then there is Tom Izzo and Jay Wright. Both have had plenty of success in March. Michigan State has been on the border of the Top 25, while Villanova will safely be ranked going into the tournament.

Don’t Be Afraid of High Spreads in the First Round

The first round will put the best teams, such as Gonzaga, Duke, Arizona, and Baylor, against small conference teams who won their tournament. Spreads will be very high, but for good reason.

I don’t see any of these teams having trouble early as Virginia did just a few years ago. Don’t be afraid to take the 1 and 2 seeds to cover, even if the spread is in the high 20s.

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